Sage Green Snap On Bandana


Introducing the Boho Dog Snap On Bandana: This unique and stylish accessory is designed to make your furry friend stand out from the pack. Whether you have an adventurous Husky or a playful Dachshund, this bandana is the perfect addition to their wardrobe.

  • High-quality fabric: Breathable and comfortable for all-day wear.
  • Snap-on feature: Securely stays in place during active play or runs.
  • Unique hand-drawn patterns: Each bandana is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.
  • Neutral colors: Soft pinks, earthy greens, and warm browns for a versatile look.
  • Reflect the season: Choose patterns that capture the beauty of every season.
  • Enhance outdoor experiences: Bring a touch of style to hikes and adventures.

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Imagine you and your beloved pooch are strolling through the park on a sunny afternoon. As you walk, heads turn and admiring glances are cast your way. Why? Because your dog is wearing our Boho Dog Snap On Bandana! This eye-catching accessory not only enhances your beloved pet’s style but also serves a practical purpose.

  • The bandana is made from high-quality, breathable fabric, ensuring that your dog will be both stylish and comfortable all day long.
  • The Boho Dog Snap On Bandana stays securely in place, thanks to its snap-on feature. Gone are the days of worrying about itchy ties or loose knots!
  • Now let’s talk about the aesthetic appeal. We have meticulously crafted patterns proudly hand-drawn by the owner, making each bandana a unique piece of art. The use of neutral colors ensures versatility, allowing the bandana to complement any outfit or occasion. Whether your dog is attending a birthday party or simply going for a walk, they will be the talk of the town.
  • With our Boho Dog Snap On Bandana, you can choose a pattern that reflects the beauty of the season, enhancing the overall experience for both you and your pet. It’s like bringing a touch of nature with you wherever you go!


– Extra Small: Fits neck up to 9″ Perfect for tiny dogs and cats
– Small: Fits neck up to 15″
– Medium: Fits neck up to 19.5″
– Large: Fits neck up to 25″


Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large


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