Blush floral collar and leash set


Behold, our boho dog collar and leash set! Designed with love and care, it combines durability, comfort, and style to create a perfect accessory for your four-legged companion.

  • Metal Buckles for Durability
  • Strong Polyester Webbing
  • Comfortably Padded
  • Hand-Drawn Patterns in Neutral Colors

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This boho dog collar and leash set is designed to not only make your dog look fashionable but also provide exceptional durability. The strong polyester webbing ensures that the leash can withstand even the most enthusiastic pullers and rough players. The metal buckles add a touch of elegance while ensuring your dog’s safety.

  • Comfortably Padded for Both You and Your Dog: Walking your dog should be a pleasure for both of you. That’s why our boho dog leash is thoughtfully designed with a comfortable padded handle. Your pet will love wearing it – even during those long walks or playdates. The soft padding provides a snug grip for your hands and also prevents any discomfort or chafing that may occur during long walks. It’s a win-win for you and your furry companion!
  • Strong Polyester Webbing: We understand that our pets can be quite energetic! That’s why our dog collars are crafted with strong polyester webbing. This material can withstand rough play, ensuring your dog’s safety without compromising on comfort.
  • Hand-Drawn Patterns in Neutral Colors: Let your pet be the talk of the town with our unique hand-drawn patterns featuring soft pinks, earthy greens, and warm browns for a versatile look.


  • Extra Small: 0.6 x (8.7-11.8) Inches
  • Small: 0.6 x (11-17) Inches
  • Medium: 0.8 x (13-20) Inches
  • Large: 1 x (16-26) Inches


  • Extra Small: 0.6 x 59 Inches
  • Small: 0.6 x 59 Inches
  • Medium: 0.8 x 59 Inches
  • Large: 1 x 59 Inches

Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large


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